AGM Minutes 2019



Remembrance : Before the meeting began President Sue Kilmartin asked members to stand for a minute’s silence to remember those who had passed away since the 2018 AGM.

Apologies : The following apologies were received and accepted : Ollie Glintmeyer, Gill and John Bullen, Robyn Spinks, Joy Lancaster, Michelle McNish, Lorraine Kavanagh, Brian James, Tom Bayliss, Rosemary Smith, Neil Radford, Cherry Wilton (Rob Graham/Merv Radford)

Present : 47 attendees

Minutes : The minutes of the 2018 meeting had been circulated and were approved (Dave Howell/Frank Overend)

Presidents Report : This was the 117th Annual Report and was circulated with the agenda. Sue Kilmartin spoke to her report which had the following features;

  •  Continued success of Community Bowls
  • Tireless efforts of Executive
  •  Attendance at opening day
  •  Summer and winter tournaments being well supported
  • Success on the greens with excellent Club support at Champion of Champion and Finals events
  • Ian McNish’s sponsorship work
  • Jenny and Larry Blacklers superb efforts organizing social events
  • Sterling work of Alyson Rosanowski in her catering achievements during the year
  • General comments on success of Club as a whole, and members contributions to make that happen

The President Report was accepted (Sue Kilmartin/Dawn Moffat) and endorsed by acclamation.

Financial : The Financial Report had been circulated. Lance McKay spoke on his report and answered questions from the floor. He advised the major annual cost was that of insurance. Merv Radford asked whether the $32,000 reserve for green replacement would be sufficient and was told that it was approximately a third of what would be required to replace the existing green.

The report was adopted (Lance McKay/Les Wilton). Sue Kilmartin spoke on Lance’s efforts as Treasurer and this was followed by acclamation.

Centre Delegate : Warren Stanbury advised he had attended all meetings. He spoke on the Bowls Canterbury AGM where there were 5 nominations for 4 Board positions. He detailed those successful and that Brian Barker was again elected President. The Association suffered a financial loss of $30,744, with $26,552 being expended on representative team costs. He advised the greenkeeper costs for the Centre green was $14,700 for the year. He mentioned the levy for Clubs was to remain at $38 per member. The Bowls NZ levy would not be known until September. It was possible smaller clubs might suffer when the NZ levy method is determined.

He advised he was on a Review panel established to consider Club remits. The main changes coming from that panel was the Under 8’s Juniors reverting back to being Under 5’s.

He further advised Divisions were likely to consist of 8-10 teams this season rather that 5-6 teams as was the case last season. Elimination of byes was the objective. He said inter-club would start on the 4th Saturday of October and there would be interclub play on Show weekend. Peter Rosanowski asked what size would a club need to be to possibly not be disadvantaged by a change in method of determining levies. Warren felt 25 members was the approximate figure. Frank Overend asked whether the Association was likely to still bring in Section runners-up to finals to make up even numbers and was told that most probably that would not happen. Warren was thanked for his efforts as a Delegate by acclamation. His report was received (Warren Stanbury/Keith Mitchell).

Election of Officers : Prior to the Officers being announced Sue made a presentation to Dave Webster who was standing down as Works Convenor. Sue also updated the meeting of the repair work on the green and the situation regarding the repairers machinery that had broken down three weeks previous. (*denotes Executive Member)

  • Patron : Joan Fenwick
  • President : Warren Stanbury*
  • Vice President : Ian McNish*
  • Secretary : Gary Saunders*
  • Treasurer : Lance McKay* (Lance advised this was to be his last year as Treasurer)
  • Centre Delegate : Warren Stanbury
  • Match Committee, Men : Bob Meatyard *(convenor), Warren Stanbury, Rob Graham
  • Match Committee, women : Ailsa Judson * (convenor), Jenny Blackler, Barbara Harbison
  • House/Bar Manager : Dave Howell*
  • Works Convenor : Keith Mitchell*
  • Green Superintendent : Keith Mitchell
  • Selectors Men : Warren Stanbury, Bob Meatyard, Keith Mitchell
  • Selectors Women : Dawn Moffat, Lorraine Kavanagh, Sue Kilmartin
  • Sponsorship : Bryan Mustchin * (see below regarding Executive configuration)
  • Tournament Convenor (including winter) : Dave Howell
  • Club Captain, Men : Larry Blackler
  • Club Captain, Women : Denise Mealings
  • Social Committee : Larry and Jenny Blackler
  • Catering : Alyson Rosanowski
  • Gardener : Bob Meatyard
  • Website Administrator : Shane Riach
  • Results Recorder : Shane Riach
  • Health and Safety Officer : Merv Radford

Change of Chair : Warren Stanbury took over the chair at this point of the meeting as the newly elected President.

Executive Configuration : Warren Stanbury advised that as he was holding two positions as an Executive member the constitution enabled the appointment of someone else to come on to the Executive. He felt Sponsorship was extremely important to the Club and as such invited Bryan Mustchin to be an Executive member in his capacity as Sponsorship Convenor. This was accepted by the meeting (Warren Stanbury/Lance McKay).

Executive Recommendations :

(i) Championship.

(a) The mens and womens fours to be drawn teams (i.e. selectors choose skips, then nominate remaining players for best suited positions, leads, 2nd, 3rd, and there be a closed draw for those players.

(b) The format of competition be by round robin with dates for competition

(c) The triples also be round robin but there be open team selection, with no final to be played

(d) The winners be decided by games won, if teams equal then ends won, if teams equal then points differential. These recommendations were dealt with separately but were individually carried as approved ( Warren Stanbury/Jenny Blackler).

(ii) Subscriptions and Honoraria. The following subscriptions for the upcoming year were approved (Sue Kilmartin/ Larry Blackler);

  • Full membership (from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020) $240 reducible to $230 if paid before 1 November 2019.
  • 1st year (50%) $120 reducible to $115 if paid by 1st November 2019
  • Student (25%) $60 reducible to $57.50 if paid by 1 November 2019
  • Associate Membership $80
  • Social Membership
  • $25 Winter Member $50 (1 May to 31 August)
  • Green Fees $5

(iii) Honoraria : The honoraria for 2019/20 year be (Larry Blackler/Pauline Shaw); Treasurer $300, Secretary $300, House and Bar Manager $200, Catering Convenor $200. Carried

(iv) Life Membership. The Executive recommended life membership be bestowed on Sue Kilmartin. Ian McNish spoke and advised Sue had moved through the Club from a member, to Executive, to Vice President to President. She became President at the time of the Canterbury earthquakes and lead the Club to its new location and facilities. She was a “hands-on” President, superb at supporting members, and possessed huge “intellectual property”. She had done a great job and during her time as President had also to cope with her own personal challenges. She is a great Club contributor. She also had received acknowledgement for other efforts by receiving community awards. Her award was unanimously endorsed by those present after it was moved and seconded (Ian McNish/Warren Stanbury. Ian made the presentation of the life membership badge and in response she thanked all for the support she had received.

Notice of Motion : Bryan Mustchin presented a notice of motion that was “That the playing strip for the men would be in the Club colours of black, red and gold for all interclub and Saturday fixtures”. During his presentation and following some discussion the motion was amended to read, “That the playing strip be in the Club colours of black trousers for all interclub and Saturday fixtures”. This was vigorously discussed with members for and against for various reasons. In the end the motion was put (Bryan Mustchin/Shane Riach) and carried on a show of hands.

General Business :

(i) Bowls Pyramid. Larry Blackler suggested the new Executive consider relocating the pyramid to nearer the entranceway and relacquer the bowls.

(ii) Green Waste. Larry Blackler spoke of how the grounds people did a fantastic job, but felt the collected bags of green waste be left somewhere away from the Club entrance gate. This was noted for Executive consideration.

(iii) Duty Teams. Larry Blackler advised he was prepared to set down some guidelines for the duty teams. Again this was noted for Executive consideration.

(iv) Sound system. Larry Blackler mentioned that the sound system needed improvement. Noted for consideration. (v) Use of Club Bowls. Larry Blackler mentioned the need to sign in and out the use of club bowls.

(v) Live Green. Peter Hassan asked about progress on getting a live green, and whether there was a working party looking into this. He was told that our Club membership would need to larger to financially make it viable. The matter was forever being considered and the Executive would keep this under regular review.

(vi) Photo of Winning Team. Peter Rosanowski presented theClub a framed photo of a team that won the Arnold Memory Trophy in 2012-13.

(vii) Club Championship format. Keith Mitchell asked members to consider the following two changes to the format, that triples be using three bowls each player, and that pairs be by way of 2-4-2 format. This prompted discussion. Moved Keith Mitchell/Bryan Mustchin, that the Club pairs mens and womens be 2-4-2 format. This motion was moved and lost It was then moved (Bob Meatyard/Keith Mitchell) that there be three bowls each member for the Club triples. This was carried.

(viii) Presentation to Sue Kilmartin. Sue was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

The meeting then concluded at 4.20 p.m. with those present enjoying afternoon tea.