AGM 2023

This years AGM was held on 8 July at 2 pm with 52 members attending. Apologies received from 17 members.

The election of officers for most positions were duly filled with the exception of Catering Convenor and Social Committee. There were no positions with more than the required numbers hence no election was needed.

Subscriptions and honoraria to remain the same but will increase by $5 to cover levy increases.

Jenny, Ailsa and Helen were thanked for their efforts on the board.

After discussions on green replacement allowance, the presidents discretionary fund and prize money the financial report was accepted. Warren acknowledged Tom’s work as Treasurer.

Warren advised of the revoking of the new rules introduced on 1st April. It was also clarified that bowls may be swapped during a game if from the same set. If you are using a bowling arm at the start of a game you must continue using it for the duration of the game.

Warrens hard work as President was acknowledged by Keith Mitchell and Bryan Mustchin.

Members are encouraged to use our sponsors and let them know you are from the club to assist with on-going sponsorship.

Warren acknowledged the resignation from Alyson Rosanowski and spoke of the great job she has done over the past twenty years doing the catering. She has made over $20,000 for the club. Flowers and a gift were presented to Alyson.

Meeting closed at 3 pm followed by afternoon tea.