News and Updates


This course will be held early/mid July at a time yet to be arranged – possibly Saturday or Sunday morning. 4 x2 hour sessions which includes assessment. We hope to get you qualified by the beginning of the season.


Good luck to Harry Blakely representing Canterbury at the U26 5 Aside tournament in Wellington Matariki weekend from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June.


Every Tuesday and alternate Saturdays through the winter season there will be an organised roll up for all members and any green fee payers. Tuesday games are for a points competition. The Saturday games will be on alternate days to the 4’s Tournament.

Please be there by 12:30 pm or phone ahead to enter your name for both the Tuesday points competition and the Saturday roll ups. Games commence at 1pm.

If you are able to assist with the running of any of these roll ups please contact Robyn Spinks 027 4135000.

Welcome to all the new winter members:

Graham Skerten.
Des East.
Mike Lester.
Carole Lester
Renee Nelson.
Jeff Bailey.
Vicki Bailey.
Johnny Bullen.
Steve Hutchby.
Jill Hutchby.
Dot Mote.
Antony Steel.
Faye Rose.
Albie Jobson.
Les Brown.
Steve Wood.
Keith Cobden.
Gordon Morrison.
Ian Mehrtens.
Karen Adamson.
Kevin Adamson


The AGM is on 6th July at 2 pm.
Please bring a plate


While there have been recent changes introduced regarding self – isolation if a member of your household has Covid, in order to protect our vulnerable members and their families, we recommend that if you have had any contact with someone who has tested positive to Covid or has Covid like symptoms that you abstain from the club until they are certain they are Covid free. This will provide some extra protection to our members and families who would be greatly affected by Covid.


With the new year well underway the club has a few busy months ahead. Once again we are asking for your help in the kitchen. We will have a list on the whiteboard outside the kitchen for those who are willing to put their name down to help or you can contact Viv or Robyn. This is not exclusive to the women as men are also very welcome in the kitchen.
We have sourced an outside caterer which means none of us will need to do any cooking. Large functions requiring a buffet dinner will be done by the caterer. Smaller functions where finger food is served will be prepared and delivered by the caterer. All we need to do is serve and clean up.

Tournaments that provide afternoon tea will carry on as they are now with us making sandwiches 🥪 and heating savouries.

The more volunteers we have the less we will have to do. Thanks for your support.


Attached is the list of responsibilities for duty teams. If your team is on duty please be at the club at least 45 minutes before the start of play to make sure everything is in place for when the opposition arrives.

* Put the flag up.
*Place the mat and jacks out.
*Check the seats are clean and dry


*Turn dishwasher on.
*Half fill the urn – top up with teapot

Under no circumstances should the urn be filled to the top and carried from the kitchen to the table

*Put out cups on the white tray
*Put out tea, coffee, sugar and spoons.
*Biscuits, milk jug, dirty teaspoon holders and used tea bag dish is to be placed to the left of the urn. Tea, coffee, milk jug and biscuits are located in the corner cupboard by the sink. Sugar bowls are located in the cupboard next to the teapot cupboard.


If there is no afternoon interclub – ensure everything is left clean and tidy and put away inside and outside.

If there is afternoon interclub:

  • Restock the cups and spoons, top up milk and biscuits
  • Ensure everything is left clean and tidy and put away inside and outside.

Please ensure that both the dishwasher and urn are turned off and the urn is unplugged.


Bowls Canterbury have issues clarification about who and when bowls can be lifted or stopped.

Players have control of their own head on their own rink of play. If a bowl from a neighbouring rink is in danger of contacting a bowl on your rink of play then you can choose to either lift the bowl(s) on YOUR rink or STOP the bowl from the neighbouring rink and return it to be redelivered.

The restriction players must adhere to is that they CANNOT a step onto a neighbouring rink to lift or roll bowls to allow their bowl to pass- in this case the only option is to ask the players in control of the neighbouring rink to “ WATCH YOUR HEAD”. If the bowls then make contact on the neighbouring rink they should be returned to the player on your rink to be redelivered.


While we welcome visitors to the club there is a Green Fee of $5 per person per day which is to be paid. There is a box for this fee just outside the main doors from the clubhouse.


If you have an accident please ensure that you report it to another club member and complete the Accident Record book which is on the table where the score cards are kept.

This is a requirement and also ACC can come to the club to get details of the accident if ACC is being claimed.


Toasted sandwiches can be purchased at $4 per sandwich. These are in the freezer and there is a machine available for you to cook your sandwich. There are several filling options.


Club uniform requirements:

Men- Club shirts and black trousers/shorts. Black jersey/cardigan/vest is preferred
Women- Club shirt, black trousers/shorts or skirt. Black jersey/ cardigan/vest is preferred

Saturdays- Club uniforms must be worn at all times in summer but it is mufti through winter.
Interclub- Uniform must be worn
Women’s Club Day ( Monday) – Uniform must be worn.
Mixed Day (Tuesday)- Mufti/casual.
Thursday – Mufti/casual.
Friday Triples- Mufti.
Club Championship Finals- club uniform must be worn
Winter tournaments- Mufti

Club shirts are provided for a small charge.

A list of appropriate make and manufacture of bowling shoes is displayed in the locker room. No other footwear is to be worn.


There have been instances where the door has been left open/unlocked and the roller door left up.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the club room is fully locked up when you leave. If there are other people still playing or using the clubroom when you leave, please ensure they know you are leaving and it is their responsibility to ensure lock up takes place. Please make sure that they know what is required and how to do it.


There has been an issue with small stones on the rink since the change of regulation shoes from flat soles. Please check your shoes before entering the rink. Mats will be purchased for use by the ramp and the gate to assist with this.


The clubrooms will be unavailable to all members every Thursday morning from 9 am to 11:30 am until further notice as they have been hired out to a private organisation.