VISION – To promote our club to a level that substantially increases our membership yet maintains the persona that our members deserve

MISSION- To provide excellent bowling and club facilities for the benefit of all members and the community

VALUES- Enjoy, Grow, Share, Succeed, Honour, Pride

OUR AIMS: Create opportunities to increase participation

Promote the game of bowls brand and change its public perception

By our actions provide an example to which the members of the community can aspire and respect

Deliver excellence and develop quality players, coaches and officials

Develop community links and maintain quality facilities

WHAT WE DO- We will provide a range of games and competitions that are enjoyed by members and the community

We encourage participation by the community in all club activities

Our sport is recognised for its benefits, we will deliver a positive recreational experience

Provide opportunities, support and promote these to members who want to increase their skills and knowledge

Offer a range of affordable and enjoyable experiences